Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beep tech medical billing specialists

As health care facilities strive to achieve greater operational efficiency, the role of medical billing companies is assuming significance. Health providers are increasingly outsourcing their medical billing functions to such companies thereby reducing billing related infrastructure and manpower costs, and improving their revenues.

Medical billing outsourcing has become popular in recent times as health facilities are finding it difficult to efficiently carry out billing processes on their own and suffering losses owing to billing errors. Most common medical billing related problems include manual data entry mistakes, errors in coding, missed charges, delay in claim submissions and rejected claims.

Medical billing specialists or companies can resolve these problems. Through medical billing outsourcing, both practices and hospitals can improve bottom lines by way of faster and more accurate claims submission and processing.

Medical billing services offered by third party billing companies include patient insurance verification, electronic charge capture, claims submission and tracking, payment posting, patient statements, claims denial investigation and follow-up as well as financial reporting. As required by HIPAA regulations, medical billing companies send out electronic claims to payers directly or through an electronic claim clearing house for faster claims processing. The claims are then diligently tracked and payments are posted accurately. In case the insurance plan of the patient doesn’t fully cover the medical costs, the medical bill service would issue a statement to the patient to pay up the difference.

With these functions carried out by medical billing specialists, errors are few and claims can be processed faster. Also, as these companies get claims thoroughly vetted by their experts for errors before submitting them to insurance companies, there are very less chances of delayed payment or claim rejection.

The other reason why more and more providers are using the services of medical billing companies is that they keep tabs on the constantly changing insurance requirements and CPT and ICD-9 codes and file claims accordingly. Also, by outsourcing medical billing functions, providers can now spend more time on patient care and expanding their practice.

Medical billing services

Medical Billing
Medical billing is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic sectors of the health care industry. As a medical billing company, we serve as intermediaries between physicians or other health care providers and insurance companies, be they private or government-owned. Our Medical billing process involves collecting fees from insurance companies in order to compensate doctors and healthcare providers for their services.

Medical Billing Company
We have a number of health care providers as our clients who rely on our medical billing and coding process rather than handling their billing on their own. We save physicians and their practices valuable time that they can instead devote to providing better care to their patients, and their expertise ensures that the medical billing and coding procedure is carried out correctly. This makes the process easier on the insurance companies, and enables doctors to receive their payments in a more timely fashion. Additionally, our professional medical billing processes save patients the trouble of dealing with doctors, insurance providers or even collections agencies.

Medical Billing Outsourcing
As a medical billing outsourcing company, our role is very significant in achieving efficiency for healthcare companies. Healthcare companies outsource their physician billing requirements for various reasons like reducing the facility costs and labour costs requeried. Outsourcing medical billing can increase the revenue of the healthcare facilities to a large extent. There is a high chance of encountering losses by managing the billing process on their own. For this main reason these companies go for outsourcing the physician billing services. As leaders in the industry we also strive to achieve maximum profits for our medical insurance billing clients.

Medical Billing and Coding
Medical billing and coding is a function that is crucial to any medical practice and hospital, big or small. More practices have run into trouble because they neglected financial part of their practice. It used to be normal for either the doctor to handle this himself or just hire someone to come into his office and take care of this either full time or part time. But things have changed drastically over the years and it is simply not practical for a doctor or any medical practitioner to take care of the medical billing and coding himself or hire someone who is not trained for this.

It also used to be very difficult and cumbersome in the days when the entire physician billing and claims filling and processing was done manually. It was slow and prone to a lot of errors. It was also very expensive. For a small practice or hospital with a few hundred or thousand patients, it became very difficult to maintain records. It was extremely difficult and slow to store, maintain and retrieve any information.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How data entry can help your business more commited and profitable

Why to use offshore Data Entry Services?
Data plays vital role in business, Data is very important. Managing data is most important task in every company. If important data lost, business can't grow as with data. Company's most of the time and large amount of money are utilized for managing data. They spend too much money for infrastructure, machinery and men power to maintain the data properly. Why not think on alternative option...! Hiring professional data entry service providers is best option for the companies to maintain their data properly with out spending on infrastructure, machinery and man power. This will give you freedom to have your business at top by performing core activity in best way.

How Offshore Data Entry Services can be beneficial to Business?

1. Cut the Cost: One of the major benefits is Low Cost! By offshore services you can get low cost services. Rather to invest in infrastructure, machinery and men power, it is easiest way to cut the cost.

2. Help from Professionals: Second direct benefit is the professional you hire for your work. You will get professional who have years of experience in providing data entry services at lower amount of cost.

3. Fast and Accurate Services: As you are having experienced experts, you will get fast and accurate data entry services.

4. Data Security: In this age of high competition, companies are concern about their data privacy. Most of the service providers are providing high data security to their client. By the time, you and some of your faithful people knowing where you outsource than Data is always secure more then ever.

5. Focused Core activities: You can concentrate on you core activities, by offshore data entry services. Though you have no worry about managing data, you can give more importance business activities.

6. Competitive Advantage: You will get competitive advantage by spending less on data management and more on core services.
So the ultimately, you will generate more focused core services for your client without worrying about your data. As a result, you will gain competitive advantage over other and gain more profit from

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with infinite opportunities and in the field of Information Technology, low development costs and high technical skills make it an ideal place to produce the most stable and economical solutions.
Key Points

* Great emphasis placed on software export by government.
* Excellent knowledge of English language.
* Large pool of software engineers.
* Costs in Pakistan are significantly lesser than any developed nations.
* Pakistani people are very friendly and easy to work with.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who can outsource and the professional place to outsource Beep Technologies

Who and What Can Be Outsourced ?
Data entry outsourcing is a one-stop solution for all your business requirements that are carried out utilizing advanced data entry skills and tools. Beep Tech As an established and well-equipped data entry company, Data Entry Outsourcing can take up all the functions that relate to, or come under the jargon, data entry.

Our comprehensive online data entry solutions comprise all the disciplines associated to managing data as a valuable resource. For you to get an idea about the representative nature of data entry projects that were, and can be outsourced to Data Entry Outsourcing.

Here is a list of few typical data entry applications:

* Legal documents
* Books
* Journals
* Research papers
* Catalogues and brochures
* Manuals
* Resumes
* Airway bills
* Attendance records
* Birth and marriage records
* Credit cards
* Business cards
* Direct mail responses
* Customer lists
* Warranty registrations
* Insurance forms

* Medical claim forms
* Application forms
* Product registration cards
* Subscription forms
* Tax forms
* Customer survey forms
* Medical billing
* Coupon redemptions
* Patient records
* Memos
* Reports
* Index cards
* Financial statements
* Payroll records
* Time sheets
* Questionnaires

Who can outsource?
Possessing years of experience catering the data entry needs of a wide variety of clients with diverse requirements, and preparedness to take up projects however complex or large it is, and accomplish the same in minimum turn-around time, is the basis of our unique position in the industry.

As far as data entry outsourcing is concerned, no is the last word we would like to say to a client. Unless the particular work is not feasible, or the client is not willing to agree to our service conditions, we will accommodate any data entry related requirement of the esteemed clients who approach us for help.

Unlike many of our competitors, Data Entry Outsourcing do not have a criterion for selection of clients on the basis of size, status, financial capacity, educational qualification, cultural background, location, industry, organizational structure, or any thing of the sort. Large number of data entry executives with excellent typing skills working 24/7, 500 plus workstations, high-speed scanners, and uninterrupted power supply enable us to deliver any number of assignments in time without compromising on quality.

Over the years, we have served a wide choice of customers ranging from ordinary individuals to Fortune 500 companies. They belong to categories such as:

* Financial Services
* Pharmaceutical
* Retail
* Business Services
* Legal
* Medical
* Healthcare

* Banking
* Corporate
* Government
* Insurance
* Products
* Knowledge Management
* Manufacturing

Medical Billing and offshoring

Let Beep Tech Medical Billing handle your Billing and Collections. Offshore Medical billing will reduce your overhead while decreasing the claim payment turn around time. Enjoy the benefits of outsourcing Billing, Accounts Receivable Follow-up responsibilities to the experienced professionals in the Offshore Center.

Beep Tech Medical Billing services embrace the entire reimbursement cycle - from claim submission to collection. Offshore Medical Billing acheives maximum reimbursement for billings through a custom team approach that emphasizes timely and accurate account processing and extensive follow-up.

Offshore Medical Billing provides a complete spectrum to cover medical billing needs, including full-service medical billing and collection, financial reporting and analysis, compliance monitoring, practice management and analysis services for numerous medical specialties.
Challenges faced by Healthcare providers are

* Increasingly complex coding
* Managed Care - negotiating and enforcing contracts
* Compliance and associated risk
* Cash flows affected by declining reimbursements
* Decreasing productivity; increased administrative requirements with few resources

Medical Billing Services Offered

* CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS Coding performed by AAPC Certified Professional Coders
* Patient Demographics
* Efficient Charge Entry, allowing the claims to be sent out clean the first time - Multiple Specialties
* Payment Posting - Manual & Electronic
* Payment Reconciliation
* Denials/Rejections Analysis, Re-billing
* Refunds
* Accounts Receivable Analysis & Management
* Insurance and Patient Follow-up
* Provider Enrollment Assistance
* Customized Management Reports